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Shallow Spool (Tournament ISO QD QDA Entoh QD QDA 4500 5000 5500

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Our New replacement spools are made from aero-grade machined aluminium and have a Satin Black anodised finish to give them that stealthy look. Fitted with our own Carbon fibre clutch washers (as standard), these spools give outstanding sensitivity and smoothness over the manufactures felt or graphite card washers fitted to standard spools. The carbon washers can also be purchased from us separately in kit form to upgrade your standard spools at home, giving them the same unrivalled performance. (Also compatible with our Daiwa QD alloy clutch caps). Fitted with our high-impact sprung loaded line clip made from marine grade stainless steel designed to hold the line securely whilst casting to features. These will accommodate a small Gardner 6mm x 2mm isotope (not supplied), making finding the clip easier at night. Spools have a reduced line capacity of 1oz line / 230 meters or 251 yards of 0.35mm diameter mono which reduces the need to have back spools before loading with your preferred mono or braid.

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Fishing reels - Fisherona

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