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Tropical Gigantic Rubber Fish Figure Play Set

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Shop Tropical Gigantic Rubber Fish Figure Play Set. One of many items available from our Action & Toy Figures department here at Fruugo!

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This is a Goliath Grouper Incredible Creatures Animal Figure. Endemic to the tropical waters and coral reefs of the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Brazil, the Goliath Grouper is massive saltwater fish. The Goliath Grouper measures 5.75 long and 2.5 inches wide.

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Frogfish employ special camouflage to perfectly blend in with their habitat. Depending on the species, they can resemble coral, stones, sea sponges, sargassum seaweed, or urchins. They use lures on their head to draw their prey in close, then use their mouths to suck them in like a vacuum. Frogfish are experts at mimicry, which assists them not only in catching prey, but also hiding from predators, since their lack of scales makes them quite vulnerable.

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