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Westside Addition

Westside Addition

The City of Round Rock has invested a considerable amount of money into the development of the Westside Addition. The area has a robust retail market, including the Dell headquarters which opened in 2006. The company’s headquarters is located near IKEA, which is in the center of the retail center. It is adjacent to the Premium Outlets Mall, operated by Simon Property Group. In addition to Dell, the community has many restaurants and other retail locations, including the Barshop and Oles of Austin. Many major roads run through this neighborhood such as Sam Bass Road, Westside Ln and Glenmeadows Drive.

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There are several shopping centers and apartment complexes located in Westside Addition. A number of restaurants and coffee shops are located near the area, as does a large entertainment complex. A major part of Round Rock’s commercial development is the La Frontera development, which is a combination of multi tenant office buildings, company headquarters, and 90,000 square feet of retail.

The area also includes a hotel, Austin North Marriott, which is home to large businesses and conferences. Despite its relatively small size, this area is booming, and the city is working to attract new companies to the area. The Austin North Marriott has become a significant economic force in the city, and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation has its corporate headquarters in the city. Emerson Process Management is also based in the area.

The Westside Addition also boasts two other municipalities: the Fern Bluff Municipal Utility District and the Wyoming Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area. Both play an important role in local governance, and are responsible for maintaining basic utilities. Elections for MUD boards are often contentious, and debates about MUD issues often occur. The City of Round Rock does not annex MUDs, so the area is a good place for anyone who is looking to relocate. A great place to also visit is The Oaklands 

In addition to the MUDs, Round Rock has several residential developments. The largest is La Frontera, located on the intersection of IH-35 and Loop 1, combining multi tenant office buildings, company headquarters, and 90,000 square feet of retail. Additionally, the city is home to several apartment complexes and smaller retail and housing projects. The Austin North Marriott is a major economic component, providing space for large conventions.

In addition to its residential communities, the Westside Addition is home to two MUDs. The Fern Bluff MUD is the larger of the two, located in the Wyoming Springs area. Both MUDs play an important role in the city’s local governance and maintain basic utilities. While the city does not often annex MUDs, it does have an MUD. If you’re considering moving to the Westside Addition, there are several things you should know about the neighborhood.

The Round Rock Independent School District has over a thousand public schools. This district has one of the largest public school systems in the state. It also has numerous alternative learning centers. In addition, it has a strong business community, including Emerson Process Management and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. This area has a large population of college students, and is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. Its schools are among the best in the state, and the City of Austin is committed to ensuring that it keeps the Westside Addition thriving.